Features For 2018
This year’s event will be bigger and better. More karts, bigger jumps and higher speeds, here is a guide of what to expect...
 If you are not sure whether to eat before or after coming down to watch the spectacle that is the Microgaming Soapbox Race, then think no more. As this year, The Courthouse and The Outback are going to be putting on BBQ’s! The courthouse will be having one set up just to the side of their main entrance and The Outback will be teaming up with The Rovers Return and putting one down by the bottom corner. They will both be selling soft drinks outside and for you older folks you will have to go inside to purchase your alcoholic beverages (just be sure to let the staff know that you will be going back outside so they can give you a plastic glass).
  1. Start Ramp
    For 2018, the start ramp will be utilising the kind offer from Mezeron, and will take advantage of their 40ft flat bed trailer. Expect to see much faster speeds from all the competitors....and more mayhem!
  2. Hope Street Chicane
    This will be the 1st obstacle to negotiate and will determine the rest of your run. Getting a smooth line through is crucial to maintaining your momentum.
  3. Bar George Jump
    The 1st jump on the course, this initial ramp will either make or break you and your run. In previous years we have had the Bone Shaker to warm you up, but this year we will be mixing it up and putting a table top jump to really get you focused.
  4. Athol Street Ski Jump
    Time to hang on as this is the fastest part of the course and is where the big air competition is decided. 2015 and 2016 saw some extremely impressive jumps, so we will keep the jump the same.
  5. Church Street Chicane
    Once you have landed it is time to really show off your driving skills as this is one fast chicane. How confident are you in those 'brakes' you fitted now?
  6. Barrack Street Bend
    If you survive the chicane you are now faced with a perilous 90° right hand bend to bring you home. The scene of the majority of crashes during 2014, kart stability will be key here. But just pause for a moment to remember that the whole crowd are hoping you tip it over! Will you be a crowd pleaser?